Head & Hair Heal

Head & Hair Heal

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp


Color Protective

Instant scalp relief

Head & Hair Heal Soothing Serum


Instant scalp relief

Head & Hair Heal Soothing Serum

maria nila coils and curls
maria nila coils and curls


Coils & Curls

Discover the award-wining collection for curly hair

The collection for curly hair

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Get rid of yellow tones in your hair Maria Nila
Get rid of yellow tones GET INSPIRED


maria nila heal me set maria nila heal me set

For sensitive scalps

maria nila fight the frizz maria nila fight the frizz set

For softer, smoother hair

maria nila get that volume set maria nila get that volume set

Create instant and lasting volume

maria nila anti brass set maria nila anti brass set

Take care of bleached hair


Fast deliveries

Professional Vegan Haircare

We are not the usual haircare brand. Our 100% vegan products are developed out of our love for animals, as they should not be part of human vanity. By choosing Maria Nila, you choose professional haircare produced in Sweden, with ingredients carefully chosen by our chemists. In our range of hair products you will find haircare lines for all hair types. Upgrade your haircare routine with colour protecting shampoosconditioners and hair masks. Create your look with hair styling products like sea salt spray and heat protecting spray.

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Professional hair products from Maria Nila

Maria Nila offers high-quality professional hair care products, all of which are vegan, sulfate, and paraben-free. The range includes everything from shampoos and conditioners in various hair care series to styling products and hair waxes. When you choose hair products from Maria Nila, you are being kind to both yourself and animals. If you have previously used hair products containing sulfates and parabens, you will most likely notice a big difference when you use Maria Nila's hair products.

Vegan hair care online

Maria Nila is not a typical hair care brand. All our hair care products are based on a love for animals and are both 100% vegan and animal-friendly. Therefore, none of the products are tested on animals or contain any animal ingredients since animals simply shouldn't need to be part of hair care products. Maria Nila's chemists carefully select the ingredients in each product, and instead of animal ingredients, plant-based ingredients are used. By offering high-quality vegan hair care, Maria Nila wants to make it easy for everyone to take a step in the right direction in terms of a more sustainable and ethical world.

Hair care products to keep the colour in place

One of Maria Nila's most popular products is the colour bomb. It is a mask with colour pigment that enhances the hair colour while moisturising and nourishing the hair. The colours are available in a range of different tones, so you are guaranteed to find the one that suits your hair colour. You will find colour bombs for black, brown, and blond hair as well as eye-catching colours such as red, pink, and blue. Naturally, there are also hair masks without colour, so you can choose the mask in the series that best suits your hair type.

Hair products for different types of styling

Maria Nila has all the hair products you need to style your hair. Salt water spray is a popular styling product that gives hair the feeling of having bathed in salt water. The spray is applied to hand-dried hair before blow-drying or drying naturally and adds both texture and stability to the hair. A range of hairsprays is available in the hairspray category with different properties to suit all hairstyles and occasions. Everything is offered, from soft hairspray to hairspray with extra stability and hairspray for extra volume. If you'd like to fix your look with hair wax instead, you'll also find a wide selection of vegan hair wax for different hair types and lengths. Maria Nila's dry shampoo freshens up, removes the hair's greasy feeling, and gives a lighter volume effect. You'll find these products and much more in the styling category.

Our range offers more than just hair care

Although Maria Nila is a company that focuses on hair care, there are also other products in the range. The common denominator for Maria Nila's products is that they are vegan and have a pleasant fragrance. There are exclusive hand soaps and hand creams in pump bottles in different scents in the hand care category. Some hand soaps have a tendency to dry out the skin, but the soaps from Maria Nila both clean and moisturise. By using the soaps together with the hand creams containing argan oil, your hands get a silky, smooth feel. You'll also find exclusive scented candles in the range, which, in addition to spreading a lovely fragrance at home, are stylish interior features. You will find these under the Gift Tips category.