Maria Nila Coils & Curls Maria Nila Coils & Curls

Maria Nila launches Coils & Curls – new haircare line for curly hair

Our new Coils & Curls line is filled with nourishing ingredients, giving you a hydrating and smooth washing and styling routine. The line is made for all types of curls – waves, curls, or coils – so that you can create your unique routine to activate lifeless, dry curls to lots of softness and shine. Thanks to a simplified and effective regimen of Co-wash, Finishing Masque and an Oil in Cream, this is curls made easy

As with all Maria Nila products, the Coils & Curls series are 100% vegan, produced in Sweden and has climate compensated packaging.

Active ingredients that activate your curls

Maria Nila Coils & Curls

All Coils & Curls products are infused with several healthy active ingredients that define and condition the curls for improved strength and texture. All products in the Coils & Curls line are free from sulfates, parabens, and silicon.

  • Curl Guard Complex – made with Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Rosehip Oil, this unique complex will moisturize the hair and help to increase shine and elasticity to prevent breakage.
  • Soothing Mix – a combination of Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus extract and Vitamin E will work protectively for both skin and hair. With its active soothing agents, it supports hydration and contributes to softer hair. Perfect to support both scalp & hair balance.
  • Colour Guard Complex – Sunflower Oil, and Quaternium-95 will protect the colour and reduce colour loss caused by washing, styling, UV rays and free radicals.

Get to know Coils & Curls

Maria Nila Coils & Curls


The Coils & Curls Co-wash is a condition wash provides a gentle cleanse, while conditioning the hair, thanks to its lowered pH and nourishing ingredients.

How to use the Co-wash

  1. Apply the Co-Wash to dripping wet hair and firmly massage through the hair and scalp in circular motions to dissolve dirt and product buildup. Keep adding in water to the Co-wash when you clean your hair.
  2. Rinse and repeat if needed by applying Co-Wash a second time. As the pH-level and ingredients in the Co-Wash will close the hair’s cuticle there is no need to finish with conditioner.
  3. For extra moisture and nourishment, follow up with the Finishing Treatment Masque.
  4. To detangle and define, apply the Oil In Cream in dripping wet hair after your wash routine and rake through the hair with your fingers. Scrunch the hair for extra curl encouragement.

Finishing Treatment Masque

This rich Finishing Treatment Masque provides deep nourishment, hydration and leaves the hair silky-smooth and full of shine. It is used after the Co-Wash, either as part of the regular washing routine, or for less absorbent hair as a treatment when needed.

How to use the Finishing Treatment Masque

  1. Clean your hair, for curly hair we recommend the gentle yet effective Coils & Curls Co-Wash.
  2. Apply the Finishing Treatment Masque to wet hair by gliding the product downward through the hair. Detangle the curls using your fingers or a wide toothed comb.
  3. Follow by squeezing the hair in an upward motion toward the scalp. This will encourage and reintroduce the hair’s natural curl pattern
  4. Leave in for 3–15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. As the Finishing Treatment Masque will close the hair’s cuticle, there is no need to finish with conditioner.
  5. For extra detangling and definition, apply the Coils & Curls Oil-in-Cream after your wash routine in dripping wet hair and rake through the hair with your fingers. Scrunch the hair for extra curl encouragement.

Tips! At the beginning of a curly journey, you might need more formula if your hair is dry and thirsty. Let the health of your hair be the guide and experiment with the amount to figure out what’s best for your unique curls.

Oil In Cream

The Coils & Curls Oil In Cream is a thick and rich cream melts into the hair and provides deep nourishment, conditioning, and curl definition. The butter and oils in this formulation, will soften and activate upon application.

How to use the Oil In Cream

Apply a small amount to dripping wet hair after your wash routine. Rake through the hair with fingers and scrunch the hair from ends to roots for extra curl encouragement. The butter and oils in Oil In Cream will soften and activate upon application.

We recommend using the Oil in Cream in wet hair as this is when curls are at their peak, fully defined and loaded with moisture. This is because the cuticle of the hair is open and ready to cling onto anything that will help it stay in that state. Closing the cuticle with products specifically made for curly hair will create a frizz-free and more defined result that, has a longer hold.