Product Philosophy

Maria Nila’s philosophy of providing the world with vegan and friendly beauty was born out of the belief that animals should not be a part of human vanity.  With our vision to lead sustainable beauty we want to provide the world with professional beauty in a friendly, curious and honest way.

To us, this means that we develop products that have a clear purpose and carefully chosen active ingredients, color protecting formulas and without sulfates or parabens. Always 100% vegan and using CO₂ compensated packaging. This has made it easy for you to choose friendly, curious and honest – simply by choosing us.

Product certifications


The largest animal rights organization in the world. Our PETA certification indicates that they oversee and ensure that we do not test our products on animals and that our ingredients are vegan.

Leaping Bunny

Lists brands that are guaranteed not to do animal testing on any stage of product development. They are jointly developed by animal welfare and rights organizations in Europe and North America and is used in 24 countries, where Djurens Rätt is responsible for the brands in Sweden.

Vegan Society

The largest and oldest vegan organization in the world and founded by Donald Watson, who coined the word “vegan”. Their certification on our products assures you that all our ingredients are 100% vegan.

Climate Compensation

We climate compensate with ZeroMission and Plan Vivo, who works to mitigate the effects of climate change. One of the ways they do this is through reforestation. Since 2016, Maria Nila has contributed to the planting of over 280 000 m² of forest in Nicaragua.

Maria Nila Test Squad

Do you want to be part fo shaping the future of Maria Nila's products?

By joining the Maria Nila test Squad, you get to be the first to try out new formulations, as well as evaluating performance, scent and overall look and feel of products that are in development!

Apply below, and we will reach out to you once we have a product that we think will suit your needs.