Welcome to the family Manon!

From fashion to beauty to the best vintage gems, Manon invites us to be a part of her colourful world in Bordeaux, France. Manon is all about vintage and upcycling and runs her own brand with upcycled clothes under the name Marlene Rougier.

Manon's philosophies around sustainability and colourful style make her the perfect match for Maria Nila. Manon will share her routines on how to best take care of your hair, and tips and tricks within styling (we are all wondering how the create one of her signature braids!)

Manon's routine

Manon uses the Pure Volume series to give her fine hair a lift from the roots. For styling, Manon used the Shaping Heat Spray as well as the Finishing Spray. When extra Volume is needed, she uses the Power Powder.