Colour Bombs

Maria Nila's color bombs are nourishing color hair masks with semi-permanent color pigments that will quickly freshen up your hair and colorful tones. All color bombs can be blended with White Mix to create pastel colors or mix two different colors to create your own unique color. Like all other hair care from Maria Nila, the color bombs are vegan with CO2 compensated packaging. Discover all color bombs!
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Maria Nila Color Bombs & Color Hair Masks

Maria Nila's color bombs, or color hair masks as they are also called, are very popular hair products in the Maria Nila range. The hair mask contains color pigment and, in addition to color, also nourishes and moisturizes the hair. For each wash using the color mask, you enhance your hair color, and after several washes, you will achieve a stronger color. Maria Nila offers a wide range of color bombs in various colors to suit any hair color. The color bomb allows hair color to stay glossy and attractive for a long time. It is ideal to use between visits to the hairdresser to keep the color nice and glossy even between the visits. The color bomb is recommended for those with hair that has already been treated for the best possible results. It should not be seen as a substitute for hair coloring but rather as a complement for long-lasting results. Like all other hair products from Maria Nila, the colors are, of course, 100% vegan.

How to use Maria Nila's color bomb

A paint bomb is very easy to use and is applied after the shampoo instead of your regular hair mask. For best results, the hair should be dried by hand so that the color holds as well as possible. The color hair mask can work for anywhere from three to ten minutes, depending on the intensity you want. The higher the density, the longer the color hair mask will remain in the hair. Finish by applying conditioner, which closes the hair's cuticle (outer) layer and gives the hair a silky-smooth finish. You can either use a color bomb in one color or combine different colors to slightly change the shade. If you have then tinted or colored your hair and become dissatisfied with the color, you can then apply a color bomb with a color that neutralizes the color. In some cases, the color bomb may remove unwanted pigmentation and correct the color.

Things to consider when using your color hair mask

A color bomb cannot lighten your hair color but only enhance pigmentation. If you want to color hair that has grown in, you need to color or tone your hair, but a color bomb can help preserve the color. If you want to add other nuances to your hair, you can choose a color that differs from your hair in order for the hair to shift to another color. If you've never used a color bomb before, we recommend that you first test a small amount of hair in which you let the color bomb sit for a few minutes to see how your hair reacts to the color. Hair quality and how much the hair has been treated will affect the end result when using a color bomb. For this reason, knowing how your hair will react to the color bomb is a very good idea. In order to avoid staining your hands, or quite simply if your skin is sensitive, you must wear plastic gloves when applying your color mask. For the color to be evenly distributed in the hair, a tip is to apply the mask evenly over the hair using your fingers or a comb.

Blond color bomb in various shades

For people with blond hair, there are color bombs in different shades depending on the result you want. Whether you want warmer or colder tones in your blond hair, Maria Nila offers these color bombs. Silver shampoo and silver conditioner are, as we know, very effective products for touching up cold nuances in your hair. On the other hand, there is also a color mask with these properties that give you a clear and cold blue color. The color mask with the violet pigment is called pearl silver and it creates a cool shade with a sheen. A combination that makes a beautiful end result is to mix the sand and pearl silver color bombs together.

Black and brown color bomb

If you think your black or brown hair feels dull and boring, you can apply a color bomb from Maria Nila that enhances the pigment and adds gloss to your hair. This way, it can look freshly colored without a visit to the hairdresser. The color bombs are also perfect for adding new shades to your hair. For example, if you have brown hair but want to add red tones to it, you can add a red background. If you have blond hair but want an ashy shade, you can mix a black bomb and a silver bomb to create the ultimate ash blond look.

Purple, pink or red bomb from Maria Nila

You will find a wide variety of colors in Maria Nila's range of color bombs. For example, the range offers different pink, purple, and red shades, which are very popular. The colors can either be used to enhance a hair color in one of these colors or, as previously mentioned, be used to shift your current color to another color. The red color bomb is available in a bright red, a cherry red, and a darker red. The purple color bomb is available in a lighter violet color and a darker color like lavender. The pink color bomb is also available in different shades, where you will also find a lighter color and a darker, cherry red color.