Heat Protector Spray

Maria Nila's heat protection gives your hair the best possible protection from damage when using hot tools. Like Maria Nila's other hair care products, our heat protection products are 100% vegan, sulfate and paraben-free and comes in climate-compensated packaging.
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Maria Nila heat protection for hair - Heat spray and cream

Protecting the hair from high temperatures is essential for maintaining healthy hair. That's why many of Maria Nila's hair care products also contain heat protection that supplements the hair products' original purpose. Several of the hair styling and hair mask products also have heat-protective properties. Maria Nila's hair care products are made with consideration for animals, the environment, and people. The products are 100% vegan and animal-friendly, manufactured with climate-compensated packaging, and contain gentle but effective ingredients for a top result. Therefore, you can be confident that Maria Nila's heat protection meets the standard of our policy.

Avoid damaged hair with Maria Nila heat protection

Heat protection is an important part of hair care to maintain healthy and robust hair. When the hair is exposed to heat, the proteins in the hair's outer layer can be damaged and broken down. The outer layer protects and strengthens the hair, contributing to the hair becoming very brittle if the layer is destroyed. Just how high a level of heat the hair can handle differs from one individual to another. Bleached and dyed hair, for example, can handle less than non-dyed hair. At extremely high temperatures, such as when using hair straighteners, hair tongs, and hair dryers, the hair's natural moisture begins to boil and evaporate. This is very stressful for the hair and heat protection should always be used with these kinds of treatments. High heat can affect your hair color, both natural and dyed hair. The hair structure is also affected, which contributes to the hair becoming dry and frizzy. The ends become split and the cuticles damaged, which eventually leads to the hair breaking off. It also makes it difficult for the hair to retain moisture. You can prevent lots of damage to the hair through a quick and straightforward procedure before you style your hair.

You should always use heat protection at high temperatures because:

  • It protects the outer layer of the hair from breaking down
  • Heat protection prevents the natural moisture from being stripped from the hair
  • The hair color is protected, both dyed hair and natural
  • It prevents the hair from getting dry and frizzy
  • The hair is protected from breaking off as a result of the heat

Heat protection best in a test - Best heat protection for the hair

Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray placed first in Testagram's best in test for premium-class heat protection. The reason was that Maria Nila's heat protection not only works as heat protection and protects against the sun's UV rays, but it also works well to build up damaged hair and provide good nutrition so that it regains its shine and softness. Instagram's users also thought that the heat protection was a perfect product to prevent split ends and frizziness. In addition to the fact that they liked the product's final effect on their hair, another contributing factor to placing first was that the product is free of sulfates, parabens and comes in a climate-compensated bottle. So Maria Nila won first place thanks to holistic thinking, all the way from production to result.