Sea Salt Spray for Hair

There is a wide range of hair styling products, and salt water hair sprays that gives texture and hold are a clear favorite for many.
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Maria Nila sea salt spray

There is a wide range of hair styling products, and salt water hair sprays are a clear favorite for many. Sea salt sprays create summery waves in your hair with a feeling of having bathed in salt water or fixing your hairstyle without it becoming too stiff. The saltwater spray adds a structure to your hair and is an excellent product to use for those who have magnificent hair. Spray the salt water spray on damp hair before blow-drying or drying naturally. Remember that there is a difference between wet and damp hair, so if you have followed your hair routine with shampoo, hair mask, and conditioner, it is important that you make sure your hair is towel-dried before application. Spraying the salt water spray before blow-drying gives you a styled end result that lasts longer. If, instead, you apply it before your hair dries naturally, you will achieve a more natural effect. The saltwater spray can be used by both men and women and is suitable for short and long hair. Maria Nila's saltwater sprays and saltwater creams are, of course, free from sulfates and parabens. In addition, they protect you from heat so you can style your hair without damaging it.

Vegan saltwater spray from Maria Nila

The saltwater sprays and creams from Maria Nila are, like all other hair care products in the range, vegan and animal-friendly, which means that they contain 100% vegan ingredients and are not tested on animals. Maria Nila's chemists carefully select the ingredients in each product, and instead of animal-based ingredients, plant-based ingredients are used. In addition, all packaging for Maria Nila's products is climate-compensated. That which forms the basis for Maria Nila's products is love for both animals and the environment.

Maria Nila Ocean Mist, Salty Mist, and Salty Cream

Maria Nila's range includes various types of saltwater sprays. Here you will find Salty Mist, Ocean Spray, and Salty Cream. All products contain a color-preserving Color Guard Complex, which protects your hair against UV radiation and free radicals. Maria Nila's Salty Mist creates volume, structure, and a lighter stiffness in the hair and creates a lovely beach feel. This product is perfect for anyone who wants more delicate beach curls in their hair, but at the same time, it is ideal for people with short hair as well. Salty Mist also adds a lovely scent to your hair, as it has a floral scent of chypre and bergamot. This spray has a stiffness of 2/5. Maria Nila's Ocean Mist also provides volume and structure to the hair but adds extra stiffness with a hold of 3/5. As a result, in addition to style natural beach curls, it is also perfect to use as a base for hairdos. The spray can also be used for short and long hair, providing a matte finish that is not sticky. This spray leaves your hair with a fruity, apricot, and apple scent. Maria Nila's saltwater cream is a nourishing cream that provides structure and a lighter stiffness in the hair. This product is ideal for accentuating and controlling curls and provides complete and natural results. If you prefer the feeling of cream instead of a spray, you should use salty cream. This product gives your hair a fresh lemon and bergamot fragrance.