Wrapping up The Friendly Year 2022 Wrapping up The Friendly Year 2022

Wrapping up The Friendly Year 2022

Maria Nila, together with our dedicated community and long-term charity partner The Perfect World Foundation, has through their charity program The Friendly Year Of 2022 – Save the Sloths, supported The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica. Together we have throughout this Friendly Year managed to raise and donate 100 000 Euro. 

Your amazingly generous donation will be life-changing for our grassroots organization! Because of you, we will be able to build a new sloth clinic! We have been needing more space for a while and now we will be able to have a dedicated clinic and surgical suite with an in-house X-ray machine!” Sam Trull, Co-founder of The Sloth Institute, says.

This will enable The Sloth Institute to provide an even better onsite care to their patients while also giving them the opportunity to continue the study of sloths and their healing process in ways that has never been studied before.

Because sloths have such slow metabolisms (especially three-fingered sloths) their bones heal VERY slowly.” Sam says.

What about our friends, baby Gorgie and Gordita, how are they?

The two residents Gorgie and Gordita that we have had the pleasure to follow and support over this year have now gown up! Gorgie is now living his best life out in the wild. The team at The Sloth Institute sees him every day and he has now started to expand his territory. It is a good sign that he is adapting well to the wild as this means he is comfortable enough to travel to new areas and also gives him access to new food sources.

Gordita is about to move into the final pre-release cage which is situated in the heart of the jungle so that she can adapt fully to a wild environment. After spending enough time in this cage, she will be released sometime next year!

Maria Nila together with The Perfect World Foundation, Sam Trull and the team at The Sloth Institute would like to thank everyone who has participated in this Friendly Year!

Thank you for choosing friendly!