Gifts for women - 5 birthday & Christmas gift ideas for her Gifts for women - 5 birthday & Christmas gift ideas for her

Gifts for women - 5 birthday & Christmas gift ideas for her

The special people in your life deserve only the best, and what’s better than vegan haircare products that are friendly to your hair, animals and the planet? Possibly a helpful gift guide so that you can find the perfect thoughtful gift. Here we have listed 5 gift ideas for women – your girlfriend, mom, sister or wife. Discover all gift ideas for her!

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Gift ideas for your girlfriend, sister or mom

Are you shopping for the haircare obsessed girlfriend, the busy sister, the best friend or mom that seems to have everything? They can be tricky to find a great gift for, but with fast-acting hair treatments, colorful hair masks or vegan hair styling products you can't go wrong.

5 best gift ideas for her

Gift idea: Gift box
  1. Gift Box 
    We teamed up with Swedish artist Siri Carlén to create limited-edition gift boxes with colourful and unique designs inspired by the scents of our Care & Style ranges. The Gift Boxes contains a full-size Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the True Soft Argan Oil 30ml as a gift from us. Just find the Gift Box that best suits your loves ones hair and you have the perfect gift. 

    Booster Masque
  2. Booster Masque
    The brand new Booster Masques are hair treatments that are supercharged with active ingredients that give long lasting shine and softness in just three minutes. No more need for conditioner and a hair mask to get the straight from the salong feeling! The Booster Masque is also perfect for bringing on trips or to boost the hair when you’re short on time.

    Cream Heat Spray
  3. Cream Heat Spray
    Heat protection is a must for the person who likes to do blow outs or use hot styling tools. With a nourishing cream-based heat protector spray like the Cream Heat Spray, it is also a way to add moisture and more shine.

    Colour Refresh
  4. Colour Refresh
    For the colorful person you can’t go wrong with a color bomb hair mask with semi-permanent color pigments. Colour Refresh comes in pinks, purples and reds and gives a quick transformation to the hair and lets you be creative with your hair. If your special someone prefers more muted tones, there are also light, blonde and brown colors to choose from. 

    True Soft Argan Oil
  5. True Soft Argan Oil
    Soft, shiny and smooth frizz-free hair is the dream for many, and giving someone a hair oil with argan oil will make you the gift giver of the year. The True Soft Argan Oil moisturizes and strengthens the hair and works for all hair types, making it a great gift for anyone on your shopping list.