Gifts for men – 5 birthday & Christmas gift ideas for him Gifts for men – 5 birthday & Christmas gift ideas for him

Gifts for men – 5 birthday & Christmas gift ideas for him

The special people in your life deserve only the best, and what’s better than vegan haircare products that are friendly to your hair, animals and the planet? Possibly a gift guide that helps you find a perfect gift.

Do you need help with gift ideas when shopping for your boyfriend, dad, brother or husband? In this list we have gathered our 5 favorite haircare products that will suit anyone you’re shopping for. Discover all gift ideas for him!

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Gift ideas for your boyfriend, brother or dad

Finding a gift that will be appreciated by your boyfriend, brother or dad can be a real challenge. Whether you are looking to give the styling expert fun new products or help the person who’s always on the go to maintain their look, we’ve got you covered.

5 best gift ideas for him

Minerals Schist Wax
  1. Minerals Schist Wax
    Hair wax is a hairstyling staple for many, but a 100% vegan hair wax is not as common and makes a great gift. The Minerals Schist Wax is a defining fiber cream with low shine, perfect for getting rid of flyaways or creating a wet look in short to medium long hair.

    Styling Cream
  2. Styling Cream
    A more lightweight alternative to a traditional hair wax is the Styling Cream, that gives both control and a subtle shine. This is also a great alternative if you are shopping for someone with curly hair as it can be used for defining curls.

    Salty Mist
  3. Salty Mist
    If you are gifting someone who loves summer and usually goes for a less styled look, then a Salty Mist is the go-to. Salt water sprays give both texture and an effortless result with beachy waves. The versatility is also great as the Salty Mist can be used in wet and dry hair and works just as well for both long and short hair.

    Cleansing Powder
  4. Cleansing Powder
    Easy quick-fixes that save both time, and your look, are always appreciated gifts. The Cleansing Powder works as a dry shampoo to absorb oils and product residue and can be used on both the scalps and in the lengths for extra texture.

    Purifying Cleanse Shampoo
  5. Purifying Cleanse Shampoo
    For those who use a lot of hair styling products, treating the hair with deeply cleansing shampoo is great. Get ready to reset with The Purifying Cleanse Shampoo, our deep-cleansing shampoo that creates the ultimate base for all other treatments, long-lasting looks and a healthy scalp.