Moisturizing Argan Oil Shampoo

Maria Nila's moisturizing shampoo is a shampoo from our True Soft collection. The moisture shampoo contains softening argan oil and is made for naturally dry hair. If you have damaged and chemically treated hair, you should instead use a repair shampoo. Just like all our other hair care products, the moisturizing shampoo is vegan with CO2-compensated packaging. Use with moisturizing conditioner from the same collection, or combine different hair care collections.
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Maria Nila's moisturizing shampoo

Maria Nila's moisturizing shampoo is part of the True Soft collection. The shampoo contains softening hair oil and is designed for those with dry hair. The shampoo revives dry and brittle hair while reducing frizz and static electricity. The moisturizing shampoo from Maria Nila is, like the rest of Maria Nila's hair care, both animal-friendly and made from 100% vegan ingredients. In addition, it is both a paraben- and sulfate-free shampoo. The packaging for the moisturizing shampoo is also climate-compensated to have as little impact on the environment as possible. In addition to the shampoo being good for both the environment and nature, it's also very effective for those who want to moisturize their dry hair and strengthen the hair's structure. The shampoo contains moisturizing argan oil, antioxidants, and fatty acids to preserve moisture and add shine to the hair. It also contains Color Guard Complex, which protects your hair against UV radiation and free radicals. The moisturizing shampoo has a floral scent of lilies, jasmine, and rose.

Moisturising shampoo in combination with associated products

We at Maria Nila recommend that you supplement the moisturising shampoo with other products from the True Soft collection for the best results. The hair mask moisturizes, nurtures, and strengthens the hair and should be applied after the shampoo, when the outer layer, the cuticles, has been opened. That's when your hair can best absorb the good substances in the hair mask. Finally, Maria Nila's moisturizing conditioner should be applied. The reason why the conditioner should be applied last is to close the cuticles again and thus lock in the good ingredients from the hair mask. Maria Nila's famous argan oil is also part of this collection, which is applied to towel-dried or dry hair for extra shine, reduced frizz, and smooth hair. The moisturizing shampoo and conditioner from Maria Nila are available in several different sizes. The smallest size of 100 ml is a small and handy travel-size pack, which easily fits into your suitcase. The medium size contains 350 ml, and the largest size contains a full 1000 ml. The largest size is perfect for those who know that the collection suits their hair well, as it lasts for a long time.

Tips for those with dry hair

Here at Maria Nila, we have some recommendations for people who have dry hair to help keep it healthy and moisturized for as long as possible:
  • Use the argan oil in the True Soft collection to add even more moisture to the hair
  • Reduce the number of times you wash your hair and use alternatives like dry shampoo or have your hair in a ponytail for an extra day
  • Use moisturizing masks at least once a week
  • Use leave-in conditioner in your hair, preferably in combination with argan oil
  • Reduce the use of blow-drying and other hot styling tools. If using any, make sure also to use a heat protection
  • Trim the hair often

The ingredients in Maria Nila's moisturizing shampoo

The ingredients in the moisturizing shampoo and the other products from the True Soft collection are argan oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, moringa oil, and rapeseed oil. Argan oil has a softening effect on the hair and is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, preserving moisture and adding strength. Sunflower seed oil gives luster and shine to the hair, as it creates a protective barrier on the surface of the hair. The oil is also rich in vitamin E, which boosts the softening effect by locking in the hair's moisture. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and has a moisturizing effect on dry and damaged hair from the hair roots out to the ends and is quickly absorbed into the scalp. Moringa oil is rich in vitamins A and E, which penetrate the hair to preserve moisture. It also helps to restore and improve the hair’s shine. Vegetable oil from rapeseed prevents split ends, frizzy, dry hair, and dry scalp. The oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which control water loss from the hair to preserve moisture and add a softening effect.