Volume Shampoo

Maria Nila's volume shampoo is a shampoo from our Pure Volume collection. This volume shampoo gives volume to thin and fine hair while also strengthening the hair structure. Provitamin B5 moisturizes the hair and gives long-lasting volume. Like all our hair care products, the volume shampoo is vegan with climate-compensated packaging. Use with a volume conditioner from the same collection, or mix and match the hair care collection.
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Maria Nila volume shampoo

Maria Nila's volume shampoo is, just like the rest of Maria Nila's hair care, vegan and free from sulfates and parabens. The shampoo is made with climate-compensated packaging and is 100% animal-friendly. In addition to being kind to both animals and the environment, Maria Nila's volume shampoo also gives a real boost to the hair. With its high content of gentle and effective ingredients, the hair gets more thickness and body while also being protected against UV radiation and free radicals. Pure volume shampoo is available in three different sizes. The smallest one is perfect to use when traveling or for those who want to try the shampoo first. Volume shampoo is part of the Pure Volume hair care collection. The collection also includes volume conditioner and volumizing hair mask.

Good volume shampoo for thin and fine hair

A volumizing shampoo is particularly suitable for thin and fine hair, which is precisely what Maria Nila's volume shampoo is designed for. The content of provitamin B5 and hydrolyzed wheat protein provides the hair with moisture and adds body. This makes the hair look fuller, while the wheat protein's moisture reduces the hair's elasticity. Fine hair easily becomes flyaway, which the reduced elasticity stabilizes. The rich vitamin E content of sunflower seed oil protects the hair's barrier and gives it luster and shine. Vitamin E helps the hair build its normal function, repairs worn ends, and has a reconstructive effect on the hair. The antioxidants in the shampoo protect the hair from UV radiation and the damage that can be caused by sunlight. Volume shampoo contains many nourishing ingredients that give the hair luster and shine.

Get volume into your hair

Achieving volume in your hair can differ from individual to individual and most often depends on hair quality. However, some tricks usually work for most people. A volume shampoo is an excellent first step towards creating volume in your hair. Remember to supplement with a volume conditioner so that the conditioner doesn't weigh down the hair and destroy the shampoo's effect. For best results, combine Maria Nila's volume shampoo with other Pure Volume products. After washing your hair with volume shampoo, there are several tricks to get that perfect volume that stays in place:
  • Let your hair dry naturally or blow-dry with a round brush/up and down. If the hair is blow-dried from the top, it is easily flattened.
  • Backcomb the hair for volume. Take a comb, backcomb in the scalp, and supplement with hairspray
  • Do not use products that weigh down; this may destroy the volume
  • Use volume products all the way down the roots to give your hair a lift

Best in a test - best volume shampoo

Maria Nila's volume shampoo has come top among volume shampoos in various independent tests and has also been named "best volume shampoo." Reasons for the good ratings include the fact that the shampoo makes the hair light and fluffy, adds body and softness, and provides firmness. The shampoo's good smell and sustainable ingredients have also contributed to the ratings.